If you have a question about Mama Rosie's products you may find the answer posted below. If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

How do I print Mama Rosie's coupons from the website?

Please refer to our online help guide for help printing your coupons.


What Type of Flour does Mama Rosie's Use

Mama Rosie's uses only Domestic U.S Grown Enriched Durum Flour. Durum flour is ground from Durum Wheat, one of six varieties and hardest type of wheat grown in the U.S.  Durum is a rich amber color and used exclusively in pasta.  Source Commodity Classic March 6, 2012

My Ravioli is Stuck together in a Ball or Lump

When opening a bag of Mama Rosie’s Ravioli or Pasta, if you discover that the Pasta is stuck together in a lump or ball. REMEMBER:  Ravioli like ice cubes in a bag of ice, can be broken apart while frozen. Onnce the Ravioli go into the pot suck together they will not come apart while cooking.   Mama Rosie’s uses fresh dough that is not precooked so when the ravioli get warm or thawed they will stick together.  

Can I use a Toaster Oven to heat my Mama Rosie's Entree's

NO never use a toaster oven to heat Mama Rosie's Entree's.  Use of a toaster oven can result in destruction of the tray, cause harm and even result in fire.

Please only use a conventional oven or Microwave Oven.  Remember all ovens and temperatures are different and may require additional time to heat the entree.

Why is your pasta dough so light and tender

Mama Rosie's uses American Grown Durum Wheat Flour and tender Egg Whites in our Dough.  Our dough is always "Kneaded" in machines that gently blend the dough for maximum stretch and flavor.  Our dough is all natural and never extruded or subjected to high heat that cooks the dough before it is made into ravioli.

Does Mama Rosie's Process their Pasta on Equipment that Processes Nuts?

No Mama Rosie's Does not process any PEANUTS, TREE NUTS in our plant or on our equipment.  Allergen's that are in our Plant are MILK, EGGS, SOY, and WHEAT (Gluten).   We DO NOT Process SEAFOOD or SHELLFISH

Why don't I find Coupons in my Sunday paper for Mama Rosie's Products?

Mama Rosie's uses their marketing dollars to offer our Retail Partners quality pasta at an incredible value.  These same retailers, in turn price our pasta at every day value that you can depend on.

My Ravioli Broke Because They Stuck to the Pan. What Happened?

Mama Rosie's uses the finest quality Durum flour in its dough, however when you drop Frozen Ravioli into a pot of boiling water they will always drop to the bottom and stick to the hot pan.  Always use a Wooden spoon and stir the ravioli for the first minute that are in the pan.  Constant stirring at the very beginning will help the Ravioli to stay loose and not stick to the pan or each other.

Can I Microwave Mama Rosie's Ravioli?

No - our products should be boiled according to directions on the package. However, entrees, lasagna, stuffed shells, Mini Ravioli in Sauce and Manicotti can be Microwaved per the directions.

How long will Mama Rosie's products last in my freezer?

Our products last 1 year if unopened in a freezer.  All our products should be stored frozen and cooked frozen.

Are Mama Rosie's products available in my area?

Mama Rosie's products are currently available in supermarkets throughout New England States and  the Eastern United States. Use the "Find Pasta" form on the right side of this web page to find a location near you.


If you would like to know how to become a Retail Outlet for Mama Rosie's Frozen Pasta Products please contact our offices. 

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